Our Difference

Many of the best people do not spend time looking for opportunities in the job market as they are being well looked after by their current employers. As a specialist recruitment consultancy, working with some of the most prestigious names in the UK, we offer a bespoke service that goes out to find the best people for our clients.

  • We search for people with the competencies and personality to fit each of our clients organisations.
  • We pro-actively offer each opportunity to the people we feel best match our clients needs.
  • We recruit good people who we have directly interviewed against our clients brief.

Would you like to know more about how we work?

  • We start with a one-to-one briefing with our client aiming to understand their individual needs.
  • We will pinpoint a wide selection of appropriate companies, typically ranging up to 300 organisations.
  • From those companies we will typically pick-out up to 250 candidates.
  • Many of these themselves may not be suitable but they may be able to provide us with other contacts.
  • We would expect to approach at least 80 candidates regarding each role.
  • From these we will directly interview interested candidates against the agreed specific brief.
  • Using this method it would be quite usual for us to spend 80 hours researching candidates for each role.

The outcome we are looking for is a shortlist of strong candidates. We’ll let our client choose the one person they feel is the best fit for their company.